Nic and Rob

A lot of travel sites lack a personal touch. They’re full of stock images and lists of “must visit” places with no assurance that the person putting the list together has actually been there. One piece of useful travel advice that all of these sites and magazines give is that you should ask locals what to see, where they go and what they eat. Well, we are Los Angeles locals and are always out doing, seeing and eating things in Southern California. This is our place to share it with everyone who is a local or wants to visit like one. We also love to travel outside of So Cal, and hope that our adventures – and travel tips – here and abroad will come in handy for other globetrotting travelers, too.

In short: We’re Nic and Rob – which is probably fairly obvious from the name of this site – and we are here to share stories about our travels, along with photos, travel advice based on our experiences that will hopefully inspire you to travel more. We love to travel and try to do it as much as we can, so we always have something fun to share.

Our travel philosophy is to try to keep everything balanced. We won’t skimp on a great meal or other experience that will lead to a great memory, but we always balance out the splurges by mixing it up with less expensive eats or activities. We know that we won’t remember what we spent that extra $50 on at home, but we will remember the time we got to go on a private horseback ride on the beach in Mexico. In between our journeys, we like to come home and unwind – and plan for our next trip! And Nicole likes to catch up on her baking, since she is best known as the writer and baker behind the popular food blog, Baking Bites.