Sushi Luggage Covers Make Bags Easy to Spot

Sushi Luggage Covers

When you’re standing in front of the baggage carousel at the airport, a few things go through your mind. First, you hope that the airline didn’t lose your bag or put it on the wrong flight. Second, you hope hope that no one else grabs it when it comes down the conveyor. It can be difficult to identify a bag that you only use a few times a year, especially when so many bags look similar. These days, buying a non-black bag isn’t necessarily enough to make your bag identifiable. I see all kinds of red, blue and purple pieces of luggage at the airport. One option is to get yourself a luggage cover that will keep your bag (relatively) clean and make it a lot more distinctive, and nothing could be more distinctive than a giant piece of sushi.

Japanese company is selling luggage covers that look like your favorite sushi. The polyester covers slide right most standard sized pieces of luggage (they should fit bags up to 25″), with elasticized openings at the top and bottom to allow your bag’s wheels and its handle to stick out. Pick your favorite flavor! The only downside is that traveling with one of these bags might make you hungrier than usual. I’ll put in a request for some dessert-themed covers – I’d definitely like one that looks like a piece of cake!

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