Tiki-No, North Hollywood, CA

Tiki No drinks
Tiki bars are one of the most fun types of bars to go to. They have a great aesthetic, fun glassware (and usually tiny drink umbrellas) and a variety of drinks that you won’t find anywhere else. We love our Old Fashioneds, but it’s a lot of fun to go for a Buddha’s Belly or a Zombie every now and again!

Tiki No is a relatively new tiki bar in North Hollywood that opened a couple of years ago. I say that it is relatively new in that it wasn’t a bar that existed during tiki’s heyday – but it is definitely pulling in a crowd of tiki fans with its fantastic look and fun drink menu. We had it on our “to try” list for a while and finally made it out on a Friday night.

Tiki No

The bar is a good size, with plenty of booths, seats at the bar and a medium sized patio with a fire pit to give it some mood lighting. The interior is by Bamboo Ben, who specializes in tiki-ambiance. The drink menu is limited, but there is still plenty of variety. They have a mix of both classic tiki drinks and their original creations. The best thing about tiki drinks is that you don’t know exactly what you’re going to get from the drink names alone – and that makes everything on the menu sound intriguing. Of course, they’ll tell you what is in each cocktail if you ask, but there is an element of the unknown that you don’t get when you stick with very classic cocktails.

Tiki No menu

Our little group managed to try half the drinks on the menu and they were all delicious, though I would highly recommend the cocktails over the blended drinks, simply because they taste better and are much more interesting. I personally would take another guava-infused Happy Buddha in a heartbeat, and both us really enjoyed the gin-based Suffering Bastard.

Tiki No doesn’t have a kitchen, which means you can’t order food along with your drinks. Fortunately, they allow you to bring in outside food and quite a few of the local restaurants will even deliver to the bar (thanks, Pitfire Pizza!). On some nights, there might even be a food truck outside where you can conveniently pick up a snack.

Tiki drinks at Tiki No

We’ll be back – especially since it’s not too far from us and street parking is easy. We have a few more drinks to try, including the multi-person Volcano Bowl. Plus, our server told us that they’ll be updating their menu soon, so there will probably be even more tiki drinks to try.

Tiki No
4657 Lankershim Blvd
North Hollywood, CA
(818) 766-0116

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