Aria, Las Vegas – reviewed

Aria Hotel


When we travel to Las Vegas, we usually look for a good room rate at one of the hotels on the strip. There are so many hotels that you can always find a deal and we’re happy as long as the hotel is clean and has a comfortable bed. But in full total honesty, we try to stay at the nicest place we can (still with a great room rate) because that is part of the fun of being in Vegas. Recently, Nicole was in Las Vegas for the Pillsbury Bake Off and they were holding it at the Aria, so that is where we stayed. The hotel is one of the newest on the Strip and it is definitely modern compared to some of the other casinos. Great colors, great design and an overall great feeling in the lobby and casino – though the lights of the slot machines and poker tables in the casio won’t let you forget where you are! It’s part of City Center, the world’s largest Leed Gold Certified hotel and resort complex, which includes the Aria, Vdara Hotel & Spa, Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Veer Towers and Crystals shopping center.

To cut to the chase, the hotel is well worth putting on your short list of hotels to stay at in Vegas, whether you gamble or not. The rooms make a huge impact the moment you walk in, as the lights turn on and the curtains open themselves, revealing a view of either the greater Las Vegas area or the Strip, depending on which side of the hotel you’re on. We were on the 24th floor, facing out the back of the hotel. This meant we also had a nice view down into the hotel’s pool area, which was packed with sunbathers even though it was only around 75F outside while we were there.

Aria view
Aria Pools

Almost everything in the room can be controlled by the TV and it is all automated, which is part of what makes the complex so energy efficient because waste of electricity is greatly reduced by those systems. The “goodnight” button by the bed turned out to be one of our favorite features, since it meant we didn’t have to get up and fumble with curtains or light switches before shutting our eyes for the evening.

Aria room

Actually, the bed was our favorite feature of the room because it was one of the most comfortable we’ve slept on in a long time. The ultra-deep memory foam-style mattress practically hugged you as you climbed in – and you definitely didn’t want to get up in the morning.

Aria room

Aria Bathroom

The bathrooms were also very nicely appointed, with a well-designed shower and bath area that we wouldn’t mind replicating (someday) at home ourselves. We liked how the bath was behind the shower, giving the whole space a very deep, roomy feeling. We never use the tub at hotels (although we were tempted by this one) and it’s just wasted space if they sacrifice the roominess of the shower to put one in.

The Aria also has a great location that is very easy to make home base in Vegas. It was a short walk to the Cosmopolitan, which had a number of great restaurants, and they had a tram that ran to the Bellagio. We’ll definitely be back because the room was such a hit with us. And because we forgot to check what kind of mattress that was because we want to get one back at home.

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