Visiting the Stahl House

The Stahl House
If you have even the slightest bit of interest in architecture or design or Los Angeles, the Stahl House is well worth a visit. The iconic house is open for tours, and a reservation will give you access to the house to explore it and admire the amazing view. We went up their over the weekend and were treated to a tour by Melisa Stahl, wife of Bruce Stahl, who was raised in the home (and shares ownership of the house with the rest of the Stahl family). She offered as an inside look at a little of the history behind the house and how it came to be, as well as what it was like to raise a family on a house that sits on top of a cliff.

Nicole at the Stahl House


It’s always nice to get a little history. It gives you perspective to learn that this lot was the smallest parcel up for sale on this hillside and that it was a big financial stretch for the family to buy it and get their dream home built. ┬áIt was also a challenge to find an architect willing to take on such a project in such a location. One look at the view and you know that it was all worth it.

We could have stayed there all day.

Stahl House

Stahl House, interior

Stahl House, interior

Design within reach furnishings

The house is furnished by Design Within Reach, which changes out pieces regularly to give the house a fresh look and showcase some of their amazing mid century designs. We loved just about every piece in the home. And we probably weren’t the only ones there who wished we could move right in.

Nic and Rob at the Stahl House

Nicole taking in the view

We will definitely be back another day, probably for an evening tour that will treat us to some spectacular sunset views.


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