The Signature Food of Every State, mapped

If you like food and love to travel, you know that every place has something that they’re known for. It could be very broad – such as a country known for its street food – or specific – like a city known for its pizza – but whatever that signature item is, it becomes a must-eat item when you visit. We always like to know what those must-eat items are when we travel. For instance, we ate deep dish pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs and hot beef sandwiches (and that wasn’t all we ate!) on one 24 hour stint in the windy city. Over at Deadspin, they put together a map called The Great American Menu that showcases the signature food item of every state in the US, plus the District of Colombia.

Most of the items will have you nodding your head in agreement, such as Peach Pie for Georgia, Mission-Style Burritos for California and Crab Cakes for Maryland. They’ll get your mouth watering, too. Others may have the opposite effect, like Lutefisk  from North Dakota and Cincinnati chili  from Ohio. Either way, it’s a fun read and you might just add a few items to your to-try list the next time you’re traveling around the states.

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