At the Getty Center Gardens in Late Summer

Getty Center from the Gardens
The Getty Center is nearby and we go up there several times a year to see what they have on exhibit and spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the weather and the view. Admission is free, though you do have to pay to park, so bring a group of friends out with you if you want to make it even more affordable. We like to bring some books, some snacks and a camera (some people bring blankets and full picnic baskets, but we are rarely that organizes) and head up on a day when the weather is perfect and the sky is clear, so we get a nice view of the coast.

On this particular visit, we took in the Overdrive: L.A. Constructs the Future exhibit, which was fantastic. We couldn’t take pictures, since it was a special exhibit, so we turned out cameras to the garden, which was bursting with more color than we’ve seen in a long time. It was a perfect spot to laze away a late summer afternoon. And this post is just to share a little of that color.

Rob at the Getty Center Gardens

Getty Center Gardens

Getty Center Gardens flowers
Getty Center Gardens flowers
Getty Center Gardens flowers
Getty Center Gardens flowers
Love that 'maze'

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