Movie Night at Malibu Wines

Saddlerock Wine Glass

A glass of wine and a good movie is a perfect pairing – and it gets even better when they come together in Malibu. Malibu Wines is a great winery located in the hills above Malibu. They are open for tastings every day and feature live music groups on weekends most of the year. One of their most fun features is Thursday Movie Nights, where they screen classic movies outside and invite wine-lovers to come out, bring a picnic and enjoy the show as the sun goes down.

Movie night in Malibu

Rob and I have been meaning to go up to the winery for movie night for ages, but never quite got our act together to head up. I checked the schedule regularly, though, and when I saw that they would be playing From Russia with Love I knew that we had to go, since we both love Bond movies.

The drive to the winery is easy and they have a big parking lot just down the road from the main entrance (since you can’t park along the narrow highway) with a free shutting running back and forth to bring in guests. The movie screening is free and you can bring your own picnic dinner, but they do ask that you purchase a bottle of wine (one for every 2-4 people is suggested) to enjoy while watching the movie. If you’re worried about having to finish a bottle – don’t get hung up on it, since you can take the bottle home with you when you leave.

There are a lot of picnic tables and chairs that offer a good view of the projector screen, but you’ll want to show up at least 30-45 minutes early to stake out a table if you want to be front and center. It is fun for a couple (we brought blankets to snuggle under, since it gets chilly in Malibu at night), but it is even better for a big group because of the relaxed, fun atmosphere. To illustrate the vibe, we had a crowd that cheered loudly when Bond kicked bad guy Red Grant’s butt.

Semler Rose

Semler Rose in Malibu

A bottle of wine is a small price to pay for a fun evening among the vines, especially since the wines are better than you might expect to find in an area more known for celebrities than wine production. We had a bottle of estate-grown Semler Rose. I think that James would have picked something bubbly over a Rose, but we enjoyed it nevertheless. We’ll save wine and movie pairing for our next visit.

From Russia with Love

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