How to get a better car rental deal with Costco

Costco Low Price Rental Car Finder

There are plenty of organizations that have teamed up with hotel, airline and car rental partners to offer their members better prices. Credit card companies often offer perks when you rent with certain car rentals. Hotels double up on air mile bonuses with specific airlines. AAA membership will get you a discount at almost any hotel. But for every advantage you’ve heard of, there are a dozen that you’ve never thought about.

I know that I haven’t heard about all of them and always kick myself when I forget one that would have given me an extra % or 10% off!

One that I won’t forget to check with again is Costco Travel when it comes to car rentals. I just used it to book a car rental in Denver for a few days. I was not only pleased with the prices (which were definitely accurate when I compared them to the rental car companies’ prices on their sites), but with the discount they offered to members. The site was very easy to navigate, fast and ad-free.

The best thing about it is that you don’t need to be a Costco member to check out what the rates are. Anyone can login and see what rates are out there and what prices they could be getting. If you are a member, you can book directly on their site. If you’re not, the discount will probably make up the membership price and you’ll be able to shop there. Or you could simply borrow a Costco card from a friend to get the same rates directly from the rental car companies.

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