Wine at Starbucks Evenings

Starbucks Evenings
Select Starbucks stores are now offering a program called Starbucks Evenings, where they are pouring wine in addition to serving espresso after 4pm. We couldn’t wait to check it out when we heard about it – especially after learning that there was one just a short drive from our neighborhood!

We drank wine, ate Truffled Mac & Cheese and enjoyed some artisan flatbreads. I wrote up a whole post about the experience over at Baking Bites, including pictures of the foods.

Long story short, the concept is a lot of fun and they do have great wines to choose from. I really appreciated the fact that most of them were California wines, as well. We don’t typically like going to bars too much – often for the crowds and the noise – and the casual coffee house atmosphere made this really relaxing. There aren’t many locations, though more will be coming later this year. You can find the full list here for now, but definitely check one out if there is one in your area.

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