5 Ways to Kill Time When Stuck in an Airport


Winter weather makes for very unpredictable travel conditions. Sometimes you luck out, and your plane can get off the ground even when the weather seems questionable. Other times, unfortunately, snow, sleet and ice can delay take-off and even completely shut down runways. There is no question that it sucks being stuck at the airport – but getting angry rarely makes planes take off any faster. So, take a deep breath and try to make the best of a bad situation with your fellow passengers while you wait for conditions to improve.

Read a book. Reading a good book never goes out of style, and it will get you through a long layover better than reading blogs (except this one, of course) will. Download one onto your iPad – or even splurge on an overpriced bestselling paperback in the terminal store.

Have a good meal. Airports aren’t always known for fine cuisine, but the options at airports are always getting better. If you know you have some time, skip the fast food and look for a place you can sit down to a real meal. A long meal will help you relax, fill you up and put you in a better frame of mind than endless snacking will.

Make new friends. Use some of that spare time to make some new connections. Start up a chat with some of your fellow travelers and find out where they’re headed. The airport bar is a great place to start if you don’t feel comfortable just chatting up the person you’re sitting next to, since enjoying a drink can also help you relax.

Exercise. The worst part of being stuck in an airport is sitting around, so get up and get moving! Power walking through the terminal, doing lunges and even doing some simple stretching will help relieve tension and keep you from getting stiff and sore. And if you move around enough, you might even get tired enough to take a quick nap in the terminal, which will definitely help time pass.

Plan Ahead. This last item doesn’t help you pass the time, but it could definitely save you some. Check the weather reports and if the weather looks bad, call the airlines for frequent status updates. If you want to take your chances, pack an extra book, some snacks and a deck of cards in your carry-on and that will hold you over for a while.

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