Scratch Map Travel Journal

Scratch Map Travel Journal
We love those maps where you can mark all the places you’ve been. We have an old-school map that we stick pins in posted on our wall. We’ve seen digital maps on Facebook that let you do the same thing and share with your friends, too, but feel that there is something satisfying about marking that map yourself. We like the idea of a map that you can take with you easily and show off to your friends… and this Scratch Map Travel Journal caught our eye. It’s a notebook smaller than a sheet of paper that contains 8 scratch-off maps of different parts of the world, plus a planner for trip ideas and travel notes. It’s easy to tuck into a travel bag or stash in a photo album (and roomy enough to slide a flash drive into one of the pockets) if you’re going to visit family to brag about where you’ve been. Plus, scratch-off pictures kind of remind us of when we were kids.

Nic is already thinking of picking up a few of these for gifts for some of our globetrotting friends this Christmas… but don’t tell them that, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise!

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