Capri Motel, Ojai, CA – reviewed

Capri Hotel, Ojai
The Capri Hotel appealed to us almost instantly just from the photos they had posted on their website and various hotel review websites (priceline, tripadvisor, etc.). Totally retro, classic 1960′s California – complete with pool, lounge chairs and palm trees. The other thing that was instantly appealing was the fact that it was priced quite a bit lower than some of the high end spas and hotels in Ojai, which made it seem like a perfect choice for a last-minute getaway for a night or two for us from LA.

The hotel has a funky, retro feel to it and a lot of the original charm from when it was first built. The look was fun and charming. Fortunately, it has also been very recently renovated and the rooms had a clean, modern look to them. And even though they had been spruced up, they definitely didn’t lack in personality. Every room was stocked with a VCR and a set of VHS tapes featuring a popular actor in some of his or her most popular movies. We had Nicholas Cage movies, and “classics” like Valley Girl and Face/Off. Getting back to the rooms themselves, they had laminate floors (no carpet), comfy beds, nice amenities in the bathrooms and very convenient mini fridge and microwave. Just about every room had its own private balcony or patio and it was also pet-friendly.

Capri Videos
Capri balcony
Capri Patios

Oh – and cat lovers will definitely want to keep an eye out for the resident kitten that lives on the property. She is playful and can usually be spotted in the lobby (but wears a small bell around her neck, so you can hear her coming, too).

Capri's kitten
Capri Hotel Lobby

The staff at the front desk were very pleasant and helpful, and the lobby looked great and welcoming. Continental breakfast is included and is served in the lobby. We saw toast, bagels, Nutella, fresh fruit, yogurt and other goodies (pop tarts for kids on vacation, etc.) out, along with coffee and tea. It was a nice spread and there was a good selection, especially for a continental breakfast.

Capri Pool

The pool and hot tub are just behind the lobby. We didn’t take a dip, but saw several other guests splashing around and lounging in the shady cabanas at the end of the pool. Going even further back, there is a nice park area with a tetherball and some other kitschy items, like a giant Buddha. I think the last time either of us played with a tetherball was in grade school and – to be completely honest – it was fun to play with for a while!


The hotel has free Wifi throughout and also has a pair of loaner bicycles that guests can take out to cruise around the town. There is a huge candy jar on the desk in the lobby and they put York peppermint patties on your pillow at night. What’s not to like about that? Granted, the kitten has left a handful of claw marks in one edge of the couch in the lobby (but was so much fun to play with) and there is no fancy spa (which most of the resorts in Ojai offer), but you’re not paying those prices, either. The place is a really great value for Ojai – especially if you’re more interested in relaxing, hiking and maybe bringing your pet on your vacation than you are in getting a mineral wrap.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve take so many photos at one hotel. The place had a great vibe, good service and was just a fun, relaxing place to be. It’s not a four-star resort – but it is definitely a place that we would get away to again and would recommend to friends who are looking for a cute, local getaway!

Capri Entrance

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