The Oinkster, Eagle Rock, California

Eagle Rock is a small town that sits outside of Los Angeles, directly between Glendale and Pasadena. It’s a quite town full of cute houses and some great food. Of course, just about every place has at least some good food if you’re willing to look around for it, but not every place has The Oinkster.

The Oinkster is a restaurant where you can eat gourmet food in a fast-casual (counter service/fast food) setting. The restaurant itself is very distinctive, with a great wooden patio and a bustling, busy kitchen and dining room. The food is what makes it stand out, however. They’re famous for their house-cured pastrami and slow roasted pork, but all of the food that they make gets the same attention to detail as their popular pork items. The burgers are made from top-quality, freshly ground beef and every condiment – from ketchup to salad dressing – is made from scratch.

We don’t come out here too often, but whenever we’re in the neighborhood, we stop by. We usually split one of the huge sandwiches and an order of fries, especially when we’re getting the rather indulgent (but delicious) pastrami sandwich.

Oinkster Pastrami

And because it fits in with the whole retro-fast food styling of this place, I can never resist getting a root beer float when I’m here. I wish I could say that they made the root beer, too, but they do use Thomas Kemper (which is delish) and this makes a great match for that salty, savory pastrami.

Oinkster RBF

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA

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