Hotel Guadalupe, Granada, Spain — reviewed

Hotel Guadalupe Room

We got our recommendation for the Hotel Guadalupe in Granada, Spain from one of Rick Steve’s guidebooks. Steve’s described the place as “big and modern” and “conveniently located over the Alhambra parking lot.” It was well-rated on Trip Advisor and we were able to get a great rate on the room during our stay.

The hotel is beautiful and is literally across the street from the Alhambra’s entrance. The view is not of the parking lot, but of the hillside surrounding the Alhambra itself, and it is beautiful. The hotel has a great bar area, lots of comfy chairs in the lounge and free wifi downstairs in the lounge area. We were assigned to room 411, pictured above, which was beautifully appointed, had great views and a small balcony. On Trip Advisor, several people suggest asking for room 412, and we could see why: it has a large private balcony with outdoor seating! The furnishings were beautiful and really suited the hotel.

Street outside the Hotel

The location was incredibly convenient to the Alhambra and we were right at the front of the line to get in the morning after we arrived. We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner (not in that order) at the hotel restaurant and the food was quite good, although I wouldn’t go back for the buffet breakfast and would get something at the Alhambra cafe instead. In the evenings, they also hosted live music in the hotel restaurant.

View from Hotel Guadalupe

There were only two real problems with the hotel. The first is that the beds are hard. Very hard. We also didn’t care for the fact that our room had two twin sized beds that were pushed together to make a larger bed – or that they were made up separately. But that isn’t uncommon for Spanish hotel rooms and wasn’t that much of a problem. The second is that the hotel is about a 15-20 minute walk from the center of town. This means that you have to walk into town to get something to eat if you don’t want to eat at the hotel restaurant (which isn’t bad). Of course, if you were staying in town, you would have a walk to the Alhambra that lasted more than 1 minute, so it’s a trade off.

The only other thing worth noting is that the hill down into town is steep. Very steep.

Steep Hillside in Granada

Fortunately, there are lots of very inexpensive buses that run tourists back and forth from the town square to the Alhambra all day, so you never really have to walk. Cabs for such as short distance are also very inexpensive.

We would definitely stay here again if we were coming to the Alhambra, but if our goal was to see as much of the town of Granada as possible, we might choose a place in town and just take the bus up. It couldn’t have been more convenient for Alhambra access, had discounted parking, wifi, a decent restaurant and a friendly staff.

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