What are the world’s ugliest airports?

When possible, we prefer to fly through nicely laid out airports that keep flight delays to a minimum. Mostly, I prefer to avoid flights that leave me with a 7+ hour delay in Atlanta. The more efficient airports also happen to be newer and better looking than other airports, largely because older airports often end up with a hodgepodge of corridors and loungesĀ  that are the result of multiple remodels done out of necessity and not aesthetics. That said, have you ever stopped to consider the aesthetics of airports? Travel & Leisure did and came up with a list of its readers’ picks for the 13 ugiest airports out there. The list includes:

  • JFK International, New York
  • Charles de Gaule, Paris
  • Sheremetyevo International Airport, Moscow
  • Heathrow, London
  • Washington-Dulles Airport, Dulles, VA
  • Narita International Airport, Tokyo
  • Linate, Milan
  • Lynden Pindling International, Nassau, Bahamas
  • Ngurah Rai International, Denpasar, Bali
  • Sofia International, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Hartsfield-Jackson International, Atlanta
  • El Paso International, El Paso, TX

Now, if you picked every airport apart terminal by terminal, most have something is boring, if not downright ugly, so I don’t agree with all of the choices. I happen to like Charles de Gaule, for instance, and I’ve spent some preflight time in very, very drab terminals at Madrid’s Barajas airport. I’m also surprised to see that LAX didn’t make the list at all.

What would make your list?

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