New “saddle” seats on airplanes?

Saddle Airplane Seat

It may be standing room only on some airplanes in the not-too-distant future. Aviointeriors, an Italian airline seat design company, has come up with some standing “seats” that will allow airplanes to pack even more people inside even less comfortably. The seats look remarkably like rollercoaster seats, with back and arm rests and a bicycle seat-like saddle that the traveler will lean/crouch on for the duration of their flight.

Naturally, there are many people who are skeptical about the design from a safety perspective, wondering how people will be properly secured in these seats and where carry on luggage (if it is still allowed) will be stowed with such a design. More importantly, there are many skeptical about the design from a comfort perspective. The director of the Aviointeriors Group said, “The seat … is like a saddle. Cowboys ride eight hours on their horses during the day and still feel comfortable in the saddle.” Now, cowboys would be the first people to tell you that sitting in a saddle for eight hours isn’t necessarily comfortable in the first place, and that it is also something that you must work your way up to.

These might work for short commuter flights, but anything more than a hour – unless you’re an avid cyclist or an actual cowboy – and you might find yourself wishing you had used some frequent flier miles for an upgrade to a real seat!

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