Hammonds Candies, Denver, Colorado

Nic and Hammond's Candies

If the name Hammond’s Candies isn’t familiar to you, their products probably are. The Denver-based candy company has been churning out traditional, handmade candies since 1920. They specialize in colorful hard candies and candy canes and are a huge hit with retailers, who love their bright colors, and customers, who like their classic look and flavor.

The factory is a must-visit for candy lovers visiting Denver because they have a great tour and it is completely free. Every single piece of candy they make is handmade and done using traditional cooking methods – and it is fun to watch. You can get more detail about our experience at the factory tour over at Baking Bites.

MAking Candy

Making Candy

Watching candy get made

The tours last about 30 minutes and are offered Monday – Saturday. You don’t need reservations unless you have a huge group, and the tour is definitely low-impact since the factory is set up for maximum viewability. They even have mirrors over some of the workstations so you can see them better!

Hammond’s Candies
5735 N. Washington Street
Denver, CO

Hammond's Candies

Hammond's Candies Mascot Truck

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