Aventura Ecuestre, Tarifa, Spain

Aventura Ecuestre

I can’t resist going horseback riding when I’m traveling if the chance comes up. I love horses, of course, but I also find that going riding through parts of a country or city where vehicles don’t usually go gives me a chance to see some new scenery as well as have a great time. I knew that I wanted to ride on the beach when I planned to stay in Tarifa, Spain, and a small part of the reason that I picked Hotel Dos Mares was its proximity to Aventura Ecuestre. There are many places to ride, but Aventura Ecuestre backed right up to the hotel and, although they aren’t affiliated, it was hard to overlook the convenience!

Riding on the beach in TarifaRob only rides occasionally, so it was just me signing up and they had no trouble fitting me in on a morning beach ride. The ride was a blast, with an easy walk/trot through a woodsy area followed by a nice canter along a stretch of beach that was surprisingly devoid of kite surfers. The horses were all very well kept and well trained; they looked beautiful and were fun to ride. All of the groups that went out were small and, fortunately for me, the other two people on my ride were also experienced riders, which made the ride go smoothly and easily.

Aventura Ecuestre yard

The ranch is owned by a Swiss woman, and everyone working there spoke both German and English (as well as Spanish, of course) – which was a plus for me and any other English speakers passing though. I only did the 1-hour beach ride (25 Euro in May 2010), but they offer 2 hour rides and can arrange longer treks with advance notice. We headed back all too soon. Next time, I’ll be looking for a longer ride!

Nic and a trail horse

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