Hotel Reyes Catolicos, Madrid, Spain – reviewed

Hotel Reyes Catolicos

Choosing a hotel in Madrid can be a daunting task because the city is fairly spread out and there are lots of hotels. If you don’t have a particular landmark in mind, it can seem overwhelming. I was simply looking for a reasonably priced hotel with a good location when I found Hotel Reyes Catolicos. It had good reviews and what seemed to be a good location in one of the most popular tapas areas of Madrid, and wasn’t too far from the subway, either.

The hotel is located on a quiet street about 5 minutes walking from the nearest metro station in the La Latina area of Madrid. It has a buzz-in entry, which makes it seem very secure, and a very friendly and welcoming staff. We checked in in just a few minutes and got some recommendations on where to eat dinner before heading up to our room.

The room was small, but it was recently renovated and was very clean. My favorite part was the bathroom, which was almost as large as the bedroom and looked almost brand new! There was wifi in the room, a phone and a TV with cable. On the downside, our room looked out onto an airshaft of some kind, so we didn’t get much natural light inside. Another negative was that, although the hotel was on a very quiet street, the rooms were not soundproofed well and we were woken up several times in the early morning by loud noises coming from inside the hotel. For instance, we could hear hotel staff members noisily cleaning and moving furniture about down the hall. We could also hear our neighbors in their room at night.

All that said, the hotel still had a good price and a good location – especially if you’re into tapas – at the end of the day, and we found it convenient and well-equipped. We’d stay there again if we were looking to stay on that side of town, but would probably not go out of our way to stay there if we wanted to focus our trip on other parts of Madrid and choose something a little closer to some of the museums.

HRC Hotel, Madrid

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